Our API allow you to handle your Tipimail account from your application, website or platform. You will be retrieve your data, send emails or set your account without logging on Tipimail's interface.

Tipimail API is built on HTTP and respect RESTful standard:

  • Uses ressources for the URL
  • Uses HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) and responses codes
  • Returns all datas on JSON

To help you to use the API, we have published libraries for the most popular programming languages. You can use it and adapt it for your need otherwise you can use CURL call.

For each API, you will be able to find code examples and parameters in and out.

Our Postman Collection

Download our Postman Collection by clicking here

Base URL

All API URLs referenced in the documentation start with the following base URL:



Each API call requires authentication. You have to pass these credentials on the header of the request. You will be able to find credentials on Tipimail interface, SMTP and API section. It is the same credential than SMTP authentication. Credentials are composed by 2 items:

  • X-Tipimail-ApiUser: username
  • X-Tipimail-ApiKey: password

Date Format

All date pass on parameter or return are on timestamp format. This format is supported by most programming languages out of the box.

Error code

Tipimail returns standard HTTP respondes codes

Code Description
2xx Successful Request
4xx Failed Request (Client error)
401 Unauthorized - No valid API key provided
500 Server error
5xx Failed Request (Server error)