Get sends: Get total of send

Post /statistics/sends


Name Description Type Mandatory
dateBegin Date begin on YYYY-MM-ddThh:mm:ss format Int No
dateEnd Date end on YYYY-MM-ddThh:mm:ss format Int No
froms Array of Senders email Array No
apiKeys Array of api keys Array No
tags Array of tags Array No
Name Description Type
error Number of emails on error Int
rejected Number of emails rejected Int
requested Number of emails requested Int
deferred Number of emails deferred Int
scheduled Number of emails scheduled Int
filtered Number of emails filtered Int
delivered Number of emails delivered Int
hardbounced Number of emails with harbounce returned Int
softbounced Number of emails with softbounce returned Int
open Number of open Int
click Number of click Int
read Number of emails read Int
unsubscribed Number of unsubscribe Int
complaint Number of complaints Int
opener Number of openers Int
clicker Number of clicker Int
Programming language:

Request exemple:


Response exemple:

							  "accountId": "899zz99999999z999999z999",
							  "error": 0,
							  "rejected": 0,
							  "requested": 1000,
							  "deferred": 0,
							  "scheduled": 0,
							  "filtered": 0,
							  "delivered": 1000,
							  "hardbounced": 0,
							  "softbounced": 0,
							  "open": 500,
							  "click": 500,
							  "read": 0,
							  "unsubscribed": 0,
							  "complaint": 0,
							  "opener": 0,
							  "clicker": 0

Code example:

								curl -X POST -d '{"dateBegin":"1443046641","dateEnd":"1443219441"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "X-Tipimail-ApiUser:YOUR_SMTP_USERNAME" -H "X-Tipimail-ApiKey:YOUR_SMTP_KEY"
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$tipimail = new Tipimail\Tipimail('YOUR_SMTP_USERNAME', 'YOUR_API_KEY');

try {
	$dateBegin = null;
	$dateEnd = null;
	$froms = null;
	$apiKeys = null;
	$tags = null;
	$result = $tipimail->getStatisticsService()->getSends($dateBegin, $dateEnd, $froms, $tags, $apiKeys);
catch(Tipimail\Exceptions\TipimailException $e) {
	echo 'Exception received :', $e->getMessage(), "\n";


public class Example {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		Tipimail tipimail = new Tipimail("YOUR_SMTP_USERNAME", "YOUR_API_KEY");
		try {
			nteger dateBegin = null;
			Integer dateEnd = null;
			ArrayList<String> froms = null;
			ArrayList<String> tags = null;
			ArrayList<String> apiKeys = null;
			StatisticsSends sends;
			sends = tipimail.getStatisticsService().getSends(dateBegin, dateEnd, froms, tags, apiKeys);
		catch (TipimailException e) {