Tipimail user guide

Tipimail offers an administration interface allowing you to:

  • Configure your account
  • Add your domains
  • Create your API keys
  • Visualise sendings statistics

The following articles will help you through our platfom's use.

Connect to Tipimail

Connecting to your Tipimail account is easy, just follow this link : https://app.tipimail.com. A window will ask your log informations which are your email and password.


If your information are exact, you will be redirect to your account's startparge. Otherwise, a message will inform you of any error in your information syntax and ask you to repeat the operation.

If you forgot your password, you can ask to reset it. Click on the reset your password link. An email will be sent to your address to initiate the reset process. If you are not a Tipimail client yet, click on the Create an account button and follow the process.