The Bounces section allows you to manage the email addresses for which the sending was not successfull. Thoses addresses are then categorized as bounce according to the error orgin, temporary or definitive, like a non existing domain or address, quota reached, etc.

Like you have been able to discover in the Reputation, it is important not to send more mails on these addresses. ISP could think you are a spammer trying to send emails to addresses you don't know.

There are different ways to feed this database:

  • In order to preserve your account's reputation, Tipimail automatically add thoses addresses in permanent error (hard-bounce).
  • You can also add manually some addresses to you list


It is important to exploit those bounces returns in your information system. We also considerate your database and sendings' cleanliness. If your bounce rate (bounce emails / sent emails) is too high, you show every signs of a sender who does not care about about what he sends. It could also show that you are trying to send unsolicited emails.

Finally you can manage my mails by deleting or exporting.