Complaints are addresses for which the recipients declared your email as unsolicited to its mail service. Some providers send a feedback about it to the sender. It is called a « Feed Back Loop ». You can find them in the Blacklists / Complaints.

As a security, every sending is checked from the compalints list. Only the unsubscribed emails are sent. Your subscriber may have chose not to receive emails from your e-commerce website but continue to receive your newsletter. We strongly encourage you to treat those returns the sooner the better, in you database.

The list can be fed through several ways:

  • Automatically : when the recipient clicked on the "SPAM report" button on its webmail
  • Manually : by clicking on the "Add" button and input one or several addresses in the field


It is important to exploit those returns for your own system. We also considerate your database cleanliness. If your complaints rate is too high, you show every signs of a sender who does not care about what he sends. It could also show that you are trying to send unsolicited emails.

You also have the possibility to sort addresses in different lists. It allows to determine the origin of the unsubscription and only send the solicited emails for exemple.

Finally you can manage my mails by deleting or exporting.