CakePHP is a PHP framework. CakePHP natively integrates a class to quickly and easily send your emails. You just have to set your SMTP credentials to send your email with Tipimail. You find more information on the official documentation of CakePHP

Framework configuration

Create and edit the file "config/email.php" on the config folder of your CakePHP project. This file will contain the settings for connecting to the SMTP relay and will be loaded automatically

				class EmailConfig {
					public $tipimail = array(
						'host' => '',
						'port' => 587,
						'username' => 'tipimail smtp username',
						'password' => 'tipimail smtp password',
						'transport' => 'Smtp',
						'tls' => true

Send your email

You just have to use the CakePHP native function to send your emails

				App::uses('CakeEmail', 'Network/Email');
				$email    = new CakeEmail('Tipimail');
				$result   = $email->template('welcome_mail','default')

				if($email ->send('Smtp')) {
					echo ('success');