Drupal is a Open source CMS solution

You can send all the emails of your Drupal platform with Tipimail like creating a new account or regeneration of a password. The SMTP configuration of your Drupal platform is done in the Control Panel.This procedure was done with the 7.34 version of Drupal. It may be different depending on your version of Drupal

To send your emails with the SMTP Tipimail,

  • Log on as administrator on your Drupal
  • Click Setup
  • At the Configuration section, click “SMTP Authentication Support”


  • You are now on the SMTP configuration page. Complete the following fields:
    • Turn this module on or off : On
    • SMTP Server Settings :
      • SMTP Server : smtp.Tipimail.com
      • SMTP Port : 25 (or 465)
      • Use Encryption Protocol : No / SSL / TLS
    • SMTP Authentication :
      • Username : SMTP user name provided by Tipimail
      • Password : one of your APIs generated keys
  • Save your changes by clicking on the dedicated button