Sugar CRM

SugarCRM is an Open source CRM platform provided by SugarCRM company

To use Tipimail with your sugarCRM platform, you have to set the SMTP server.

  • og on as administrator on your platform and go to control panel
  • On the control panel, click Email then "Email settings”


  • Then enter the following information:
  • Select “Other” as email provider
  • SMTP Mail Server :
  • Use a SMTP autentication: yes
  • Username : SMTP user name provided by Tipimail
  • Password : one of your APIs generated keys
  • SMTP Port : by default 25. You can choice 587 with the dedicated encryption
  • Enable SMTP Over SSL or TSL : None or SSL according the security level you want to use.


  • Feel free to test your configuration
  • Save your configuration once it's done