WordPress is a free open-source CMS.

To use Tipimail with a platform like Wordpress, you have to set the SMTP service. This procedure was done with the 4.1 version of WordPress. It may be different depending on your version of WordPress.

  • Log on as administrator on your Wordpress
  • At the left menu, click Settings and then Email


  • In the Control Panel, complete the following fields:
    • Mailer: select “Send all WordPress emails via SMTP”
    • SMTP Host : smtp.tipimail.com
    • SMTP Port : 25 or 587)
    • Encryption : None or TLS
    • Authentication : yes
    • Username : SMTP user name provided by Tipimail
    • Password : one of your APIs generated keys


  • Feel free to test your configuration
  • Save your configuration once it's done