Microsoft Exchange 2010

  • Open theExchange Management Console and go to Hub Transport
  • Click on New Send Connector in the Actions sidebar
  • Give a name of the sending server
  • On the drop down, select Internet and click Next


  • Click on Add to open the dialog box “Add an address”


  • At the field “Domain”, insert an asterisk (*) so that all your emails are routed with the new connector


  • Make sure the box “Include all subdomains” is checked and click OK
  • On the dialog box “New Send Connector with SMTP”, click Next
  • Under the Network settings, click “Route mail through the following smart hosts”
  • Click to add


  • In the window “Add a smart host”, type “” for the host domain


  • In the Configure smart host authentication settings page, select the Basic. Be sure that TLS are checked to secure the connexion. Type your credentials


  • Click on Next
  • On the Source Server page, click Add if you want to allocate additional server at login. Otherwise select the Exchange server in the list



  • Click on Next
  • At the “New SMTP connector”, check your settings and click on the New button if everything is good for you


  • Click the Finish button to validate your configuration


  • When your configuration is complete, send a test message to confirm that your sending server works.