Tipimail introduction

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What is Tipimail ?

Tipimail is an emailing platform helping you send emails, contact your recipients and analyze statistics according your sent. With Tipimail you can send transactional or bulk email.

Here several examples emails which can be sent though Tipimail :

  • Create new account
  • Validate your email address
  • Order confirmation
  • Newsletter
  • Information

More details about transactional emails.

How can Tipimail help me?

Tipimail can help you in your business and the relationship with your customers. For this, Tipimail is based on 5 key principles.

Visibility : It is important to know the status of the email. Is it delivery? Has it been read? For this, we offer a clear and responsive platform to provide you information in real time. But also the opportunity to be warned when an event occured through Webhooks.

Scalability : Your business can grow quickly. We have to follow you and to ensure stability in sending emails whatever the frequency or the number of sent.

Disponibility : A transactional email can't wait. This email can be a password renewal, confirmation order or email validation. These emails are waiting by recipients. Our infrastructure is based on cloud and available 24 hours 7 days.

Deliverability : As mentioned above, a transactional email is an email that was requested by your client from an action on his part or by its desire to be notified as an event occurred. The email must arrive as soon as possible in inbox.

Easy to use : No matter the type of platform, a dedicated website developed by you or by software editor, developed in a specific programming language, we adapt. By using the SMTP protocol. The SMTP protocol is the communication protocol used to transfer electronic mail to the e-mail servers. Most software and e-commerce solutions use this protocol and provide an interface to manage the SMTP settings.

Feel free to browse our documentation for more information on Tipimail.