Manage my bounces

What is a bounce ?

A bounce is an undeliverable email. The most of bounce are due to non-existent mailboxes

Several reasons can induce to a lot of bounce return:

  • Fake email addresses
  • Email addresses list bought on internet without verification
  • Used not opt-in or confirmed email address

Bounces are not good for your reputation and your deliverability. ISPs may believe that you are trying to send email to somebody that you don’t know or want your email. Spammers used this brute force technic to contact people.

Tipimail helps you to manage your bounce email addresses. As an email address returns a hardbounce code, we add this email address on your bounces blacklist. Next time you try to send an email to this recipient, we will automatically block the email and reject it. It’s to prevent your reputation and your IP.


Here several tips can be used by yourself

  • Validate syntax of email addresses.. Perhaps emails address came from a form on your website or your information system without verification of the syntax. So email addresses can be invalid because recipients made a mistake when he types his email address.
  • Check the syntax of email addresses before save its on your database. You can use regular expression control for example to be sure that there are “@” symbol on the email address.
  • Check if the domain exists. For example if user type “” instead of “”
  • Add an email address confirmation field to be sure that the email address type on the fields match
  • Send confirmation message as the user was registered or double opt-in process to confirm user engagement. With this method, people have to have a valid email address to continue the process
  • Remove old email addresses or without activities. If you haven’t sent any messages to email addresses since a long time, these addresses may not exist anymore or recipients don’t want to receive new email after a long time. Moreover a recipient who never opened or clicked on an email can be a risk for you. He can mark as spam your send or remove his mailbox..  

Even if you want to keep on your base these email addresses, don’t forget to flag the email addresses as bounce to stop sending messages to these email addresses. By applying this action, you prevent your reputation.