Manage my unsubscribes and my complaints


Luckily for you, transactional emails is easier to manage and haven’t to respect the same rules than marketing emails.

But in the end, your recipients are the only judges to assess if they no longer want to receive your communication. They have two ways to express their opinions:

  • Unsubscribe
  • SPAM complaints

Consequences for the ISP

Both of them have an incidence in your relation with your recipient but only SPAM complaints can penalize your reputation and damage your deliverability.

Indeed, a click on the unsubscribe link returns only a record on your database. A Spam complaint occurs when a recipient marks your email as spam by clicking on the dedicated link. So ISPs will be informed that emails are unwanted. If other recipients do the same thing, you will be suspicious for the ISPs and your emails will be blocked. A few ISPs (hotmail and yahoo) return these kinds of information. We call this Feed Back Loop (FBL)

If you need more information about deliverability or reputation, please click on the dedicated links.

Consequences for Tipimail

When a recipient clicks on an unsubscribe link or marks an email as spam (if the ISPs send us a FBL), we add the recipient on your blacklist as an unsubscribe or spam.

Unlike the bounce blacklist, if you request to send a message to the email address store on the unsubscribe/spam blacklist, we continue to deliver the message. The main reason is that the email is expected for the client. Perhaps he wanted to unsubscribe from a marketing email or a receive too many emails in short time.

If you want to know the recipients who have unsubscribed or have expressed a complaints,

  • Connect on Tipimail interface and go to blacklist section. You will be able to export a list
  • Use webhook to receive notification as an event occurred and manage this information on your information system


  • Our main advice is to listen your recipients. If they click on this kind of button, they express something. Perhaps they receive too many emails. Perhaps they don’t want to use anymore your application, … If they click on the unsubscribe link, try to know why via a form
  • Some webmail or email clients automatically fall mails as spam. It is just to protect the user. There are none consequence for your reputation or deliverability. But to be sure that your emails will be read and not on spam box, ask your recipient to add your from address on their address book and use always the same from address
  • Synchronize the information. If a client expresses a complaint, you need to flag this on your information system and avoid sending commercials emails to this recipient
  • Split the marketing emails form the transactional emails. Email communications are not the same: words used, impact, deliverability, … So used a dedicated from for the transactional email with a dedicated layout