Tips to send emails and keep/increase good deliverability

Here a few tips to help you to enjoy Tipimail

Check list before starting to send your emails

  • Have you set the sending domain, DKIM and SPF ?
  • Do you use a dedicated and named from with your domain ? Other than contact or reply-to ?
  • Are you sure that the email address is correct?

Check list before sending your email

  • Do you send emails to subscribers et not people on blacklist ?
  • Have you inform your recipient that they will receive an email ? After subscribe on your website fo example
  • Est-ce que votre email a une adresse d'expéditeur claire ?
  • About the content of the email, is it adapted to the recipient’s device?
  • Is the next step clear for your recipient? Example validate his email address before using his account on your webiste
  • Is there any opportunity for me to engage further?
  • Is your email personalized according the recipient? After all it is a transactional email, so your client must be the focus on the email
  • Have you added both HTML and Text content?
  • Have you asked your recipient to add you on their address book?
  • Is your subject relevant ?
  • Test => Don't assume. Tester several times to be sure. You can also user several version of your emails to improve the communication and keep the good one

After the send

  • Do you check recipients who have opened your email?
  • Do you analyze the statistic? type of devices? location?
  • Do you include links or buttons to another actions et follow the benefit? Don’t tell everything on the email but try to attract them on your website or application


Statistics are data returned from your send whatever the status of the email. For example, if your email was opened, what is the number of bounces, number of complaints, …

Statistics give you a good overview of your base and recipients engagement and can be a good support to adapt the content. Don’t hesitate to study your statistic and logs by filtering your data according options available (from, date, …). They can give you a lot of information and guide you to deliver your emails.

For example: A lot of recipients clicked on the unsubscribe link from an iPhone. Perhaps the content is not responsive according the device.

For more details about statistics you can read this part

Reputation rate

A good indicator based on the previous items is the reputation rate. This rate is calculated though our platform to give you an overview of how you are perceived by the ISP.

Deliverability and reputation are linked together. If you have a good reputation on Tipimail, this doesn’t mean that you have a good deliverability but it’s a good start to increase your deliverability.

For more details about reputation rate, read the article about reputation rate