Dedicated IP vs Shared IP Address

Every device, connected to Internet, has an IP address. This IP address is like an ID card. To send emails, Tipimail uses its own infrastructure and its own IP address. When we exchange data with ISPs to send emails we communicate through our IP addresses. Each ISP collects IP addresses to categorize emailing platforms.

As an emailing platform, we offer you to send your email through a shared IP or a dedicated IP.

schema IP

Shared IP

To reduce cost of your send and because you send a small volume of email, you may use a shared IP address. A shared IP address is shared between several clients to send emails. So the reputation of the IP addresses depends of the sent of all clients using this IP. If a client has a bad reputation, the IP address will be impacted and your sent too.

Dedicated IP

To avoid impact and bad reputation from a shared IP, we offer the possibility to use dedicated IP addresses that you and only you can use.

In order to give you an IP address with a good reputation, we prepare this IP address (we warm up this IP). So when you will send emails with this IP address, you enjoy good reputation and high chance to be on recipients’ mailbox.

After that, the IP is only used by yourself. So you are responsible from the good reputation of the IP. If your reputation rate from Tipimail is decreased, it could be the same for your IP and how the ISPs will handle your sent.

Select type of IP according your sent

Several criterias allow you to determine type of IP needed for your sent:

Criteria Shared IP Dedicated IP
Number of emails per month < 2 millions > 2 millions
Number of recipients < 1 million > 1 million
Frequency More flexible because based on global sent You have to send regularly the same number of emails (+/- 25%)
Constant You can send when you want You have to be constant (3-4 times per week)
Setup Quickly We need to warm up the IP before give you access on it
Reputation Impacted in bad or good per the other sent Only you manage the reputation

Strategy to warm up an IP

Warming-up an IP is an action to prepare the IP for the production and have a good deliverability.

To do this, we follow a protocol:

  • Split the send with a number of emails increasing split after split
  • High quality list of recipients; Any bounces or spam complaints
  • High level of reputation for the domain
  • High engagement email address: opens and clicks

After a few time, the IP is ready to be delivered to a client who can enjoy a good deliverability.