Customize my sents

Securize my sent

SMTP protocol was designed to exchange messages between users. But no security mechanism has been implemented. So many problems have emerged:

  • Identity theft (Phishing)
  • Unsolicited messages (SPAM)

Most companies providing messaging solution like Google, Yahoo or Microsoft actively fight against SPAM and thus verify your email. It is important to comply with their expectations to ensure maximum deliverability but also keep a good reputation with those companies.

To overcome these issues, safety systems have emerged as DKIM and SPF.

Tipimail helps you configure these security mechanisms to use your own domain and securize your sent.

Send emails with my own domain

First, because there are none restrictions, I can send an email on behalf of your company for example and contact your client to steal your data. It’s important that your recipients that they are sure that emails came from you.

Then, if you start to send email with a new domain or a new IP, you have to gain a reputation to the ISPs. They don’t know you, they don’t know the type of emails you will send and if the content is legitimate.

ISPs have to know you and be sure that you’re the sender of the email and not somebody else. The only way to do this is through your domain. Your name is famous and known by everybody. So you have to use your name to communicate with your client.

To customize your email with your domain and secure it, you have to:

  • Give authorization to send email on your behalf (SPF)
  • Sign your email with your domain (DKIM)
  • Prove that you are the sender of the email (from)
  • Provide consistency in your communication by using everywhere your domain: links, sender, signature, …