Migration form another ESP

Evaluate the new solution and check that all your requirement are respected:

  • Statistics return
  • Webhooks

Your customer used to receive emails from yourself. They don’t have to be lost because you don’t use the same ESP than before

  • Use the same sender with the same name and the email address
  • Set the domain by change parameters for DKIM and SPF provided by your new provider
  • If you used some content personalization, be sure to copy the unsubscribe link, the template, …

The migration may impact your reputation.

  • Indeed you will use a new IP address. So ISPs have to link your new IP with your domain. In order to prevent your reputation, you have to warm up your IP. To do this, split your sent in several segment and schedule your sent on several days. Repeat the procedure for the 3 next weeks.
  • Export your contact list, especially those with bounces, unsubscribes and complaints. If you don’t do this, you way send an email to a bad email address and impact your reputation.

Enjoy having to switch provider to re opt in your recipients, ask them to add your email address on their adress book

Checklist in case of issues

Here a few steps from check list to fix issues that you can occur. We try to send you error code to help you to figure out the problem

  • Check your credential. Maybe there are wrong or an authorized character is present like a space before or after the field
  • Verify that your network
    • Try to connect to the Tipimail smtp. To do this, open a terminal or a command and type the following command: “”telnet 25″
    • If the correct port is opened. If you have trouble with the port 25, try with the port 587 with TLS encryption
  • Maybe you have added an IP restriction on the API keys. You must have an error 421